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How to install Ogama V5 - sqlite problem?

Mar 30, 2016 at 7:41 PM

I am upgrading to Ogama V5, but cannot get it to work. I have not been ble to find any installation instructions - what should I do to install successfully?

I have:
1) Uninstalled Ogama V4.5
2) Uninstalled all MicrosoftSQL applications and related files.
3) Downloaded the latest version of SQLite from
4) Created a 'C:\sqlite' folder and unzipped here - including the 'sqlite3.exe' file.
5) Added sqlite to path on the commnd line 'SETX /M PATH "%PATH%;C:\sqlite"'. I can call sqlite3 from any directory on the command line.
5) Downloaded Ogama V5 from
6) Installed 'OgamaSetupV5.msi' without any error messages.

Ogama starts up, but when I try to create a new study I get a:

"Connection to SQLite database failed.
Take a careful look at the database file to attach and its path. The .db file should be named the same as the experiment .oga file and located in the Database subfolder of the experiment.
The error message is:
unable to open database file"

Where do I go wrong?


Mar 30, 2016 at 8:32 PM
Hi John,

the steps 3 to 5 are not necessary to run Ogama, it has its own sqlite access dlls.
I´m not quite sure wether the installation of the 2016 sqlite tools may break ogamas own sqlite connection.

The error message indicates just what it says, the connection to the newly created database (by default PERSONALFOLDER\OgamaExperiments\Experiment1\Database\Experiment1.db) fails because sqlite could not open this file.

I can think of one of the following reasons:
1) The file is not there (for what reason whatever)
2) The file is there, but ogama has no rights to access it (no admin, network storage, ...)
3) The file location is not URL compatible (special characters, spaces, >255 characters)

Hope this helps, regards,
Mar 31, 2016 at 8:39 AM
Hi Adrian,

Thank you for a quick reply!

This helped me solve the problem and I can now design and record :-) The error arose from access rights I think: I used the default folder proposed by Ogama in My documents (the same 'OgamaExperiments' as in V45). Ogama seems to write all the files and folders (including the Experiment1.oga file), but then has problems accessing the database. When I put new experiments in e.g. C:\temp there are no problems.

Great that V5 does not need the heavy SQLEXPRESS installation anymore. It will be much easier for my not-so-IT-savvy students to install and use Ogama with EyeTribe now.

Two suggestions:
1) Maybe add a note on installation of V5 saying that all necessary files are now included in the installer. There are several places where the old instructions are available and some people may try to do all that in case of errors like mine (e.g.
2) For the specific error message maybe add something like "Try saving the experiment in a different location"

Thanks for all the work on V5 - I look forward to using it!

  • John