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OGAMA quits when EyeTribe plugged in

Feb 23, 2016 at 1:46 PM

I'm having some trouble using EyeTribe with OGAMA. I can set up an experiment but when I click the record analyse button OGAMA quits.
Further, EyeTribe server will not connect when OGAMA is open.
The only way I can get into the Eyetracking recording menu is to unplug the Eyetribe. However when I plug it in when the OGAMA recording menu is open, nothing happens and I am unable to set EyeTribe as the tracking device.
This is running on a University standard platform computer (HP EliteOne 800) with Windows 7. I am running OGAMA 5. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this sort of problem? Or if it is familiar to anyone at all.

Thanks very much,