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Filters & Pins

Oct 7, 2015 at 12:20 PM

I've been running into some issues with Ogama. I have a very simple slideshow, consisting of a slide with some text, a slide with a flash movie (which plays normally when I try it out) and finally another slide with some text. It saves the experiment file just fine, no problems at all, but when I try to record I get two messages. I use the Dutch version, so I'll translate what it says in the pop up. The first one says "cannot find a combination of "tussenfilters" (some type of filter) to set up the connection". I have no idea what connection this is, the eye tracker (Mirametrix) works just fine and I can calibrate without problems. The second message I get is "the adaption cannot be executed because the pins aren't connected".
Anyone have a clue of how to solve these problems?

Oct 7, 2015 at 8:07 PM
When you use a flash stimulus, the screen recorder is activated during recording (not during slideshow tryout, thats why it occurs only during recording). On many machines the default compressor does not work, cause it is a bit outdated... so you have to change the screen recorder video compressor in the record module to a working one. That depends on the directshow codecs installed on your machine. See also other discussion for this issue (search for screen recorder).
The error should not depend on the tracking device which you can try by using the mouse recorder, the error will even occur with this "tracker".
P.S For more understanding of the cryptic error messages search a bit on the net for direct show filter graphs.