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Importing Additional Information

May 12, 2015 at 1:30 AM

I am importing a .gazedata file from eprime using and eprime/tobii setup. I was able to import my data, but I was wondering if I could add additional columns to import.

For example, each of my trials contains multiple different slides and I have one column in my raw data file that specifies what is on screen within a trial (e.g., cue, target, confidence rating, fixation). It would be important to have this information when I export my fixation data. Currently, the exported gaze fixation file tells me fixation information, but it would be ideal to have a column that shows what slide was actually being presented when those fixations were calculated. If I can't import this, could a potential work around be coding my trials differently so the within trial info is reflected? (e.g., 1.1 (trial 1, cue), 1.2 (trial 1, target), 1.3 (trial 1, confidence), 1.4 (trial 1, fixation), 2.1 (trial 2, cue)....)

In addition to having the different slide information (which occurs within trials), it would be nice to be able to import more than one trial category description. Currently, I'm only able to import one column of trial category information.

Thanks for the help!

Oct 28, 2015 at 10:11 PM
Hi Diana,

ogama can record trials each consisting of multiple slides (cue, target, etc).
But this is not mirrored in the import assistant, so I can not think of a way to import data this way.
The only workaround will be a renaming of the trials themselves before importing.

The workaround for multiple trial category information would be to preprocess your import file in such a way that it merges all trial category columns into one single new column with another separator (ColumnA#ColumnB#ColumnC).

The other way round would be to introduce a new trial parameter table in the database where you can store all trial information separately, but this would need some changes in the source code (don´t hesitate and share!)