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How to set eventID / how to tell from the raw data what was happening in the experiment

Jun 27, 2014 at 11:11 PM
I am using OGAMA to set up my experiment. My issues are:
  • Where can I give my slides / groups of slides names that will appear in the raw data? I am presenting digits one after another (one slide contains one digit) and would like to know from the raw data what pupil diameter is associated with the presentation of each digit.
  • How can I set up many trials that share the largest part, but contain a variable section? Each trial will consist of 1) relaxation period, 2) presentation of a number of digits, 3) recall of the digits, 4) feedback. The variable part are of course the digits that are presented and the corresponding feedback. The rest should be the same for each trial. Is there a way I can set this up without copying all the parts x times? It would be great if I could set up the 1) relaxation period and 3) recall period only once; and have a list for the 2) presentation of digits that contains all the possible events that can happen during this period (and create the variable feedback based on that). Is something like that possible in OGAMA?
  • To make things even more complicated, I want the 2) presentation of digits to be dependent on the subject's own choice. At the end of each trial (after digit recall), subjects will 5) indicate if they want less or more digits in the next trial. The number of digits presented in the next trial should depend on that choice. So, if I could set up a list for 2) presentation of digits, I could imagine splitting it up into separate lists, each containing a different number of digits. It would be easier, of course, if OGAMA could just keep track of the number of presented digits and add/subtract depending on the choice; but that seemed more complicated..
  • And last thing: Could I just set up nine slides containing the nine digits and have OGAMA somehow call those slides whenever it needs them; or do I have to make them new and in the right order for each single trial? It would be perfect if I could just have lists with numbers for each trial; and OGAMA will call the slide that contains this number; or insert the sound that corresponds to that digits, etc.
Thank you for your help!

Jun 28, 2014 at 7:25 PM
Hi Maria,
1) when you export the raw data from within the database module, there is a column trialid which is a unique number identifying the Trial, there is also the column TrialCategory which will contain the category specified in the slide design module.
2) No way, there is only a Workaround which might reduce the workload. Ogama is able to Show a so called pre slide Fixation Trial, which is a Trial shown before each slide it is specified. To define this create this reusable Trial, then create the Trial to present and in the design module the very last tab, there you select the Trial to Show before the current Trial is shown. This Feature is mainly used for Fixation sharps. The other Workaround is to create a Batch file that creates the XML document that defines the correct slideshow (.ogs Extension but inside it is plain XML)
3) I´m not sure if it would be sufficient, but you can present a decision trial containing links to other slideshow sections (with more or less Digits). This Feature is called link and can be found in the tab section of the trial design.
4) This can surely be done, but only using code. No frontend feature of ogama is sophisticated enough. You woul have to look at the sources, adapt and compile yourself, thats why it is open source.
Jul 2, 2014 at 6:09 PM
Hi Adrian,

Thank you for your help!