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Question in regards to the AOI module

Oct 22, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Okay, my previous adventure of trying to work with dynamic AOIs had the unfortunate side effect of having to rely on video whose framerate was 6 times less than that of the data. So I have set up a new experiment, where normal AOIs are more than enough.

However, I am running into some problems with Ogama, and it is largely because I have no idea how the AOI module works.

The basic setup is like this; I use an external piece of software for my experiment. I do not know whether Ogama can record on the background (I suspect it does, but haven't tested it quite indepth yet), but I tried through both importing data as well as having Ogama create the data itself to make AOIs and have data derived from those.

When I import data, I cannot seem to create AOIs for this data. When I use the Ogama created data, I can, but when I go to statistics to export it, I am unable to get the AOI data into the statistics module. I am obviously doing something wrong here, but I have no idea what. Is there some kind of help thing for working with AOI samples? Because the help that is present within OGAMA doesn't really help me all that much...
Oct 22, 2013 at 8:19 PM
Edited Oct 22, 2013 at 8:20 PM
Hi Cridia,
I use an external piece of software for my Experiment
Sorry for saying that, but I advise against this approach, because you would have no other option than to use desktop recording, which creates large video files, which can be handled from within ogama, but it is designed very much from a still image point of view. If you would like to have reliable data for statistical analysis and not just some gaze paths on a video session don´t use the desktop recorder. Ogama can do statistics with this setup also, but it is largely not as precise as when using its internal slide show design.

When you import data, which means, that you import gaze data for slides (images) which are created during import, than you are able to create and modify AOI in the AOI module for each slide manually. I didn´t get the point what there is going wrong in your approach. When using Ogama recordings and AOI, the statistics will surely give you data for this, but it depends on your data :-) ... be sure to have a test setting were you are sure to have a fixation hit on an AOI (use the fixation module, there you are able to display the AOIs ofer the fixation centers) and check how this can be output in the statistics module.
What does not work needs to be more specified, as I always say in this case: I need detailed instructions on how to reproduce your problem.

And lastly: A good help would be a very good idea, and as you might image this would take hours and hours to write it. I´m happy to have some time slots in my job that allow me to have a look at ogama, but as this is just a hobby, this is not enough time.
Open source software with support like professional business can deliver simply is not affordable, sadly... I invite you to write a manual and share it with us! Even if it covers only a small tiny bit of ogama it would help other users as well.

Kind regards,