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Invisible Pop in on the replay module

May 2, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Hello Adrian,

Ogama is a great tool! Thanks for your support on the forum. 

I work a lot on websites analysis. By “adding a browser slide”, I often use webpages that contains pop in. But when I use the replay module, the pop in doesn’t appears.

Being able to see it would be great.  Currently, the gaze of the subject is focused for a long time on a zone that isn’t represented on replay screen. It’s like there's only one image per URL.

Is there a solution to analyze webpage + pop in as two different pages?

Thanks a lot,



May 14, 2012 at 9:54 PM

Hi Alexandre,
> I encounter a lot of bug report when I run my ET tests.
> I’m wondering if it’s linked to my system (64 bits, W7).
I´m working with an W7 32 bit system, getting no bugs at all ;-) but don´t think that there is any difference to a 64 bit system on stability issues, cause Ogama is using a 32 bit compilation even on 64bit systems.
I think the bugs you find are related to the features you are using. The webpages tracking is relatively new and not stable, cause we had not enough testing time yet. We can try to bugfix step by step, if you send me steps to reproduce your problems.

Regarding the pop ins: It´s by design, that ogama is not able to track such pages. You should use the desktop recording (which is unlikely even more untested). You got it right during webbrowsing it is internally handled as one image per URL. No dynamic page support. This is due to enable using all analysis features of ogama which are based on still images.

Sorry, Adrian
P.S. I strongly invite you to adapt Ogama the way you need, it using the sources, lots of users out there would be happy!