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Recording screen in Ogama

I am using Ogama with Smart Eye Tracker. I used the desktop record option in slideshow design. Everything went fine and I could get 16 mins of recording. However, when I play the file with Replay...

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FlashStimulus movie not playing in Replay Module

Hello, I have loaded a 12min.14second movie (.swf flash format) into OGAMA as a "FlashStimulus" slide in the Slide Design interface. When I click to import the movie file in the slide design, it ...

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Import Error

I'm having difficulty importing the my oga. file (146KB) OGAMA 5.0 is trying to convert the SQL Database to SQLite since otherwise it will not be able to open the data. The issue is, there is an ...

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editor raw data

As included in the ogama module to extend the editing raw data+ chart calculaton, in particular the eyestribe? This /simple/ module is in Viana.

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saving drift correction takes a long time

Hi Adrian Is there any way to speed up the saving of drift correction data to the database? Depending on the number of fixations, it has been taking anything up to four and half minutes per slide ...

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Can't connect iViewX

Hi, Using both versions 4.5 and 5 on Win7 I get the same error attempting to sort out a connection to my SMI iView machine: System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): Only one usage of e...

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Haytham error

Hi, I'd like to use a low cost build eye tracking. Therefore, i choose haytham. Yet, i can't succeed in Launch and Connect it with recording module.. Someone succeed in recording with Hayth...

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myGaze eyetracker

Hi all, My colleagues and I are thinking of integrating ogama with myGaze eyetracker; I've take a look at the source code and although I don't code C# for a long time, it seems to me that it shou...

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SQL Connection failing after flash video import

Hi, as stated here: I tried to import a video to track with theeyetribe tracker. Creating a slideshow works fine with pictures and recording too, ...

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Add feature: Dependencies on TrialEvents in Statistics

When using Trial Events, it would be nice to filter statistical Output according to existing Trial Events. e.g. only Export before the first KeyDown.Space Event. Proposed by Valentin

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